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  1. We have been working with the Lifeline company for more than 7 years. Recently, we have collaborated on a large scale legal translation project – a quite complicated and challenging job with really tight deadline. Hereby, we use the opportunity to thank the whole team, especially Jenny! Her kind and professional support during the process contributed very much to the successful completion of this project.

    Marina Filipova
    Project manager

    • Thanks Marina – in return, thanks for the excellent support we’ve had from Sofita on these projects, you’re great to work with!

  2. Have worked with Lifeline on a long and complex translation and voice over project. Mark was especially considerate and professional throughout the 3 month process. Great to be treated as an individual professional. Looking forward to working with them again.
    Also, end client was very happy so a win win.

  3. I will not be updating the entry in your database, having retired. After years of unpleasant goings-on at the NRPSI, government pressure on the police and the courts to outsource interpreting assignments and so on, I had had enough long before the ALS scandal erupted.

    I would like to say that yours was one of the very few agencies for whom I undertook interpreting jobs; you understand the work and what is involved and treat your interpreters very fairly.

    Many thanks Marja, I’m glad we were able to provide a little light in the gloom!

  4. Once every now and then comes along the client of your dreams – so professional, easygoing and courteous that as soon as the job is done you sit back and wonder what just happened. Not very often do I get to work with people whose professionalism is not a mask of mere formality, who do not speak in approximations and who do not come across as someone doing this job like had it been any other job one is forced to do only to survive. Instead, Mark immediately makes you feel like a true partner and a friend, clear spoken, clear minded, no frills, just “let’s you and I do a great job ’cause we’re really good at what we do”-attitude.

    Mark and LLS are the benchmark of professionalism, and I can only hope to have the pleasure to work with them often in the future.

    Reuven H

  5. I’ve been working with Lifeline as a freelance translator for several years now and have only ever had positive experiences. Mark and the rest of the team are extremely friendly and professional.

  6. Congratulations on your 22 years, Lynn and Mark! I have been providing English into French translations to Lifeline for many years and it gives me great pleasure to work with you and your team. You are always friendly and helpful and queries are dealt with quickly and most efficiently. Thank you!

  7. Nearly 15 years ago, I received a package from Lynn, with a lovely pair of baby socks, simply because I had mentioned in an email that my daughter had just been born. It was a really nice gesture, which shows how important human relations are for the people behind Lifeline. For us, who deal with words and communication day in day out, it is gratifying to have clients who add a human touch. 🙂 Thanks and keep up your great work.

  8. I am an English-Latvian translator, and I provided subtitle translation for this agency. It was my first job for them, and it happened not in the best of times – when my contact was leaving the company, and Mark was taking over her projects. Nevertheless, everything worked out smoothly. Would work with this agency and Mark anytime again.

  9. I have worked for Lifeline for over 10 years as a supplier of Polish -English translations. They have always been a pleasure to work for and their instructions are always clear – I hope to carry on working with them for another 10 years!

  10. We’ve been working with you for the past 15 years and have nothing but good experiences with you. I mostly work with Angela and like to think we have a good working relationship. You are always polite and friendly, and your emails always have clear instructions regarding what is required of us. It’s a pleasure working with you.

  11. Mark and his fantastic team provide the best translation services for me, always on top of the project with a full understanding of scripts that have time constraints when working with video scripts with fixed durations. Thanks Mark.

    Simon Wood
    Dubmaster Studios

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