Raced for Life – so that was Tatton Park! Phew…

Been there, done that – our heroes finished the 10km course on an alternately sunny and cloudy Sunday. Amidst 2200 other lasses in the de rigueur pink gear, Lynn, Jackie, Priya, and Joanne (and Mark there as Team Support/pack mule) romped around the beautiful Tatton Park course passing picturesque lakes, magnificent old trees, a stately home, herds of deer and superb views over the rolling Cheshire countryside (almost as nice as our own Lancashire’s!). The ominous battleship grey skies at the start softened to white cloud as we walked and then to a lovely spring day after the race – perfect race conditions really, not wet, not too hot, not windy. The real surprise came afterward, when meeting with Jackie’s family by Craig’s van he opened the van’s side door with a flourish to reveal a banqueting table laid with wine, cold buffet, candles, napkins and posh cutlery, surrounded by proper wooden chairs! The obligatory pix are of course below – thanks to everyone who took part, and especially to Craig and Joanne who gave a whole new meaning to post-race refreshments!

Again, a great big “Well done!” to those who took part in the Tatton Park Race for Life, and who has taken part or will be taking part in any of the many other Cancer Research UK events around the UK – check out the pages at Race For Life to see what’s on in your area.

June 19, 2011 - People

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