A Christmas Creole!

Don’t you mean “A Christmas Carol”?

Well, no – Christmas is a-coming… and the job file’s getting fat! It always goes a bit nuts near Christmas in the language world and this year’s no exception, with major language translation projects  in charity, food and chemical products typesetting, reams of technical and financial work, business interpreter and other interpreting jobs all over the country and a great big bilingual transcription project coming in. And that’s without all the regular stuff…

So what’s the “Christmas Creole” bit about? Well, this month’s cool language is Haitian Creole – we have a lovely translator for this and we’re looking forward to our biggest project so far in this one! Then we’re going to typeset it… the main issue will be space, as Creoles tend to be quite a lot longer than English (in which the source document was laid out). It’s a fascinating language too – there’s more info on the Ethnologue page, and an excellent Wikipedia article on Creoles in general is here.

December 20, 2010 - Language Translation Typesetting

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